Leather and Cloth Armor worse than footmen garments?

When you hire a footmen they automatically get that clothing that has a defense of plus 10. But the weaver’s armor for them gives them lower than that even though it’s supposed to IMPROVE the original armor! And they have a hire iLevel so now my footmen hve been weakened by getting an upgrade! Please fix. Tagging @sdee and @linda because this is a big problem now with the new monster update.

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i thought this was fixed back in the A13 unstable builds…

Hmm…if this is the case it would indeed be a regression. You paged the right people, so we should get a fix for this.

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Nop, it wasn’t. D: I just tried it.

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So the fix for this appears to have been implemented in Alpha 12

  • Footman base armor has been reduced so that the padded vest is actually an upgrade.

Source: Alpha 12 dev-2617 - Official Stonehearth Wiki

It doesn’t say that in the equipment screen… Normal armor says +10 and leather armor says +5

Just to check, by “Normal armor” do you mean the footman uniform?

Yes I mean the armor footmen get when appointed

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Great, thanks for the confirmation. Paging @yshan!

in the files it says it only has 3 (unless i read it wrong) so i think its just the in-game text hasnt been changed.

edit: hmm… but the cloth also only has 3, but the leather has 5. so really the leather is better, but the cloth isn’t.


Point being, the normal garment text needs to be changed and the cloth armor needs to be buffed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Ferret, thank your again for the feedback :slightly_smiling:! We will update the craftable armor so that they are actually upgrades from the base footmen equipment.

It’s strange that your equipment screen is showing +10. Can you post a screenshot of your equipment screen? In this build the Military Uniform should be showing +3 under Def.


I just started a new world to show you and now the armor says +3 even though the world before said +10… Maybe it only happens for first worlds???

Oh and also, that means that padded vest is no upgrade since it is also +3…

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Padded vest will be bumped up to Def +4 :slight_smile:


@linda, looks like these were bumped backwards, at least in dev-2807. I am seeing the Padded vest with Def +5 and the Thick Leather Vest with Def +4. Is this intentional? To me leather armor should be stronger than cloth.


In the crafting menu, the Padded armor has 5 DEF, while Leather has 4 DEF, despite the latter selling for more and requires more skill to make, not to mention that the flavor text of the Padded generally means it’s a pretty weak armor.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get a weaver
  2. Look at Padded
  3. Look at Leather

Expected Results:
Leather gives more protection over Padded

Actual Results:
Padded gives more protection over Leather

Should be a simple fix.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Dev-2807, Vanilla

System Information:
Intel Core i7-4910 MQ, 2.90GHz
RAM: 8.0 GB DDR3
Quadro K2100M
64 bit OS

Hey there @Kasarov, welcome to the Discourse!

Looks like this has already been reported so I merged your post here. Thanks for the report, keep them coming!

This is fixed. Look for it in the next build :slightly_smiling: