(A23)Footman armor redone and break of backwards compatibility

There is one thing I have notice is that since my footman hearthling is on level 1, the thick leather vest should be level 2 and the bronze breast plate should be level 3 and the Iron Breast plate should be level 4, so that the progression would work better. The thick leather vest and the padded vest are same level. I would also like to see the iron circlet be a level 3 and the steel circlet be level 5. Right now the bronze and the iron circlets are the same level. If I make the padded vest and the thick leather vest for a soldier, that soldier will get the thick leather vest and forgo the padded vest because it is a higher defense than the padded vest, even though it is equip able by the same level of footman. and here lies the problem.

I Maybe stepping into something here but I watched a couple of streams on how everything is progressing. This includes:

  • Malley’s level progression of assets (carpenter set) :heart_eyes:
  • Alle’s beautiful tapestries for Ryayya’s Children :star_struck:
  • Chris’s building streams::+1:t2:
  • Malley’s rigs streams :heart_eyes:
    With all of this going on, I wonder if it would be just easier for Alpha 23 be where we can break the backward compatibility and just go forward from there. :thinking: We could start the compatibility back up with this alpha as a starting point. The only thing I have reservations on doing this is that we already have some wonderful mods and have started playing with them since alpha 22. I am one of the few that creates a new town every time we have a new alpha. But I have seen the most beautiful towns that have graced the discourse that spanned several alphas.

@Rabid_Llama / @Brackhar , some feedback about the required level for armor :arrow_up:

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We looked at those initially, and we decided to keep the levels the same since the materials to make those same-level armors are different, so there is still something distinguishing them (and we didn’t want to break save compatibility any more than we had to).

That said, we definitely want to do a combat and equipment overhaul soon, so expect some better/more sensible equipment progression then :slight_smile: