Large number of enemies idling off to the edge of the map. Trappers trap dropped out of place, unremovable and shows in town inventory

I had a large number of enemies spawn at the edge of the world, just idling.

Eventually they realized they were to supposed to do something and all together steamrolled through my town, my footmen couldn’t quite keep up with their numbers.

One of my not so brilliant trappers managed to “drop” one of their traps inside a building, it couldn’t be removed or destroyed in any way. It would also show up in the town inventory tab under the “None” category.

Steps to reproduce:
Not sure, though early game I did run off to pick a flower across the map and im guessing enemies only spawn in revealed terrirtory, maybe the game thought my town was closer than it was?

Link to save file: Dropbox - Error
I do have a save from earlier on before their numbers got quite so large if it would help. In the above save their numbers seemed to have hit its limit.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Using the latest branch: Release - 504 (x64). No mods

Hey there @Kiingy, welcome to the Discourse!

Thanks for the very detailed report. If you do have the earlier save, that will likely be useful for @linda to take a look at and compare it to the later save so she can try and see why they were not attacking you. My first thought would be a pathfinding issue if they were too far away, but I am not a dev.

As for the trapper’s trap, I don’t think I have ever seen that one before. Let me throw @sdee in to this so she can add that one to the Redmine database.

Thanks, I’ll check out the save. Did you have a truce with the goblin chief at the time they were spawning?

There are some AI issues right now where enemies aren’t going to town, but I’ve added a temporary fix (will be in next release) so the raid goblins disappear if they haven’t found your town within several game hours.

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Nah, wasn’t in a truce with the goblins at any point.