Too many Goblin Spawns?

Since the latest unstable release i keep getting these insane spawns of enemies which is tougher than ogo :stuck_out_tongue:

this is early game release 898 with 2 footmen and 1 cleric no special equipment.

Normaly i would get 2 of these at a time but now its 6-7

Could you upload the savefile?
Or did you already overwrite it after killing them?

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I use quiet many mods.


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Was there a path between the goblin camp and your town since the beginning, or did you add the ladders after several days since the camp appeared?

Not sure if it’s the case here, but the camp will keep spawning raids if you declined their demands, and if the path is blocked, they will go all at the same time once they can reach your town :thinking: (each raid should have 2 marauders max).
They will despawn after 2.5 days I think, so that gives time for more raids to spawn.

Did you get several raids of ~6 marauders? How long has passed since you declined the demands?

I’ve been attacked with 6-7 of these twice now and i had the ladders there for quiet many days
Not sure how many days since i declined it

I checked your savefile again and waited for the next raid. I think this is intended, although it’s probably a surprise for players :man_facepalming:

The smash stockpile encounter has a “scale_with_run” value:

Looking at the Lua code that spawns the enemies for the encounter:

In your savefile, this encounter had already spawned 3 times (num_enc_of_type):

So 2 (marauders) * 3 times = 6 marauders.

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So first encounter its 2 then next 4 then 3rd its 6?

First attack i think was 2 but 2nd was 7 and 3rd was 6.
But it has not always been these many maurauders they are very imba if more than 2 in early games.

It’s certainly strange. I’m still trying to repro in a new game but the number of encounters doesn’t match, it stays at 1 for all the different city raids, after they’ve spawned several times each :thinking:
But then how did it increase in your savefile?

There might be a bug after all. I’ll ask @linda.

Edit: I think I might have checked the wrong context in the campaign browser, yet it keeps spawning only 2 enemies. :thinking:
Actually in your savefile going to arc, ctx, arc_encounters from the last smash stockpiles encounter shows this count:
but still doesn’t explain your enemy count.


I think it must be that after loading it doesn’t count correctly. It does really go 2 - 4 - 6 - 8, but I loaded a savefile that had 4, killed them, spawned the encounter again, and it spawned 4. It keeps spawning 4 every time that encounter triggers.

Did you save / load at some point while playing?

Yes i did normal save, auto save and also one quick save then a quick load after the quick save

Was any of them between the camp spawned and your last raid happened?

i will take a look

This quick save might be the only useful between then :slight_smile: (6.7 MB)

I do have one save that is before the camp even spawned but its the ingame month before

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Confirmed, it’s related to save/load.

The counter will keep increasing, but if you reload, it will stick to its last value, so the raids will be the same size than last time, no matter how many times they spawn again.

There are several raids that can spawn from the goblin camp, so it’s not that noticeable. When there are many enemies, I use to move my fighting units near the banner and call town alert, so that everyone helps.

I will file a ticket, although I’m not sure when will they be able to fix it.

If they fix it, there may be more times when players will face this many enemies, which might be bad for balancing. That worries me.

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Good to hear you was able to find the cause of it :slight_smile:
6 maurauders is for sure not balanced atleast

The thing is that it was intended, the code allows for it and it’s just some values in the JSON files that describe the raid. Weird that nobody complained about this before :thinking:
Perhaps we could try lowering that value so it maxes at 4 enemies instead of at 8 (at least for normal mode, 8 might be too much, although it’s a challenge, the chieftain is not pleased so of course will try to make you pay for it). I think one of the other possible raids also scales with each run.

The goblin camp will only spawn 7 raids before the chieftain gives up and the camp disappears (and another camp spawns with time, I think it will carry the current raid count). So it’s also a matter of luck (you might get the easier raids more times than the marauders, so they wouldn’t increase in number so much). :thinking:

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