Run Away Citizen!

I dont know if anyone else has posted something like this, and dont know if its just the path finder, but, At one point my trapper was setting up traps in her trap zone, (NOTE: the zone was 10 squares from the campfire, witch was the center of the town.) Suddenly a goblin approached her and it never gave me to notification that a goblin was near by, so she ran off in fear, by the time i did a head count of 6/7 citizens, i noticed the “fog of war” path, followed it and found that my trapper was literally on the other side of the map. i activated defence and she killed them, Luckily another group of goblins spawned and i turned off defence, in hope that it would make her run away, back to the town, my assumption was correct… or partly. she got within 80 blocks from the campfire and my footman went to go kill the goblins chasing her. She then went brain dead and wouldnt go anywhere, just wandered around the small 10 square radius. I thought maybe if i made a trap zone near here she would go set up traps and i could lead her home… NOPE… so i turned her back to a worker and tried to get her to collect some things on the way back home… NOPE. Suddenly a worker came to her to get her trappers knife, so i waited untill he dropped the knife in the stock pile to promote her to trapper, My assumption was to get her to go to the stock pile and pick of the knife… again, no such luck. to this day (for like 10 min) she has been standing just outside of the town doing absolutely nothing… so yeah… sorry this was so long… anyone know how to help?

Did you reload you game?? It happens to me too and a simple reload solves the problem!

Reloded the game and she wasnt there, went back to town and did a quick head count again, 7/7 citizens all accounted for… why do i overlook the simple solutions… Thanks by the way! :smiley:


Lol yeah if you ever get Hearthlings that idle when there is work to be done just reload :stuck_out_tongue: I am not sure what causes it…

just another scratch in the game that needs to be buffed out

Yes! Even with the bugs I think this game is great and has great potential!

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1000% agree, great thing is that no one has died yet XD, the citizens i mean


I hate to say it though, I have had a few die and even the Journals entries the team came up with for dead are a nice touch