Laptop's fan has got super loud

Hey, so I’ve played Stonehearth a lot and normally my laptop heats up, maybe the fan gets a bit loud but it all goes away again afterwards.

On Sunday I played for a good few hours, then after I stopped the fans started whirling. I turned it off but yesterday morning it started again, and they’re really really loud, I can hear them in the next room. It died down again, but today it’s back. And not only that, but everything is going at a snail’s pace. Even typing in this box is lagging.

I have an HP Pavilion laptop (about a year and a half old), running 64 bit Windows 10. And I have the beta option set to Latest Build.

I don’t know if anyone else has encountered a similar issue, but I thought I’d post here on the off chance that someone has.


It sounds like you have a broken fan and your CPU is overheating.


I know this sounds obvious, but did you try restarting your laptop? I had an issue where mine would normally run loud (on a different game) and then stopped running loud, and performance took a dive. Simply restarting fixed the issue.

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I have been experiencing louder fan noise as well.

I have including some of my statistics in case it might help.

I am running an Nvidia GTX 970, 4096mb on windows 10 (64 bit) driver (375.70)

Not running anything but the XOC (video monitoring utility) my GPU temp is 51c, and fan rpm is 0
GPU clock is 135 MHz, Memory clock 324 MHz and voltage is 843,

Running Stonehearth, I have the following stats
1392 MHz gpu clock, 3505 MHz memory clock, 1200 mn voltage. 65c - 68c (in game)
fan rpm ranges from 594-833. (most of the noise is from fans revving up and down)
The card is not even close to the 80c temp target limit. (so the fans are doing their job)

I have the following settings
Full screen
Shadow detail: a lot
50 max lights
3 max shadow
draw distance 1000
High quality graphics
Ambient occlusion
Anti-aliasing level: a little.
and video display mode is : 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (60hz)

If the fans are going faster (Speeding up thus getting louder) It means that your hardware is getting hot.

I have the same issue on my desktop (Crappy set-up tbh) I solved it by putting a 12inch desk fan blowing NEW air into my computer vents. (There’s little to no air flow in the room with the computers)

Now as your using laptops Might I suggest a Cooling pad, something like

This game does make your computer work a bit (FX8350 and a GTX 770 superclocked) here And mine does cook a little.

Try using a utility like Speedfan (or MSI Afterburner if you’re just working with your graphics card), it should give you some degree of control over what’s going on in your system.

Just remember, don’t keep your fans from spinning up just because the sound is annoying, if your components start getting toasty then you’ll want to prevent them from breaking, and it may come at the cost of acoustics. Generally, you can set the low end however you like, but try to look up what the recommended maximum temperature for your different components are, and try to make sure that you set your fans to hit 100% a little before the maximum recommended temperature, just so things don’t get out of hand.