Laptop gets really warm while playing Stonehearth

I’m using an HP Omen 15 with gtx 1050 i5 7th gen and my laptop starts getting really warm when I play this game.

When I play games like Tekken 7, Nier Automata or MHW it doesn’t get as warm.
Sometimes it even goes up to 80 degrees C which is absurd.

Been playing in normal to high graphic settings and sometimes even low. I never even dared putting it in ultra even tho I know my PC can handle it no problem. Am I doing something wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I suspect it has to do with stonehearth being processor heavy on one core, which means iy builds up heat very localised, usually games are heavy on the graphics card which stonehearth does not. Does it get really hot in one spot specifically?

I usually only check on the upper middle side of the laptop. I guess that’s where the cpu is located.
Omen command center shows me the temperature and it’s not normal.

I’ve been doing some research myself and so far i’ve understood that the devs left the game unfinished and unoptimized because Riot Games stopped funding/didn’t have interest in the game. That’s really sad because this game is really good. I don’t think modders are able to fix the issue. They can only do so much for the game out of passion.