My game runs really hot is there any way to stop this?

The game just runs really hot and i really want to play it
Is there any way to reduse this or fix it

System specs?
OS/Ram/Graphics Card…
Version your running -
CPU running hot or GPU (or Both)?
Laptop/ Desktop?

Srry… You gotta help them, So they can help you. :slight_smile:

Edit: If you have your Graphics Card or CPU OC’ed (revert it back to normal) you really don’t need to run your graphics any higher than 60fps for this game so force Vsync or half it (pending on your Monitor) <- Just some speculation advice w/o knowing what you have. Fiddle with the settings maybe some are not fully compatible with your rig?

Just figured I’d throw something’s out to try.


Windows 10
4gb ram
amd a10 6790k
amd hd6670

cpu is running hot and didnt change anything to the cpu

At least with this info they might be able to track it down. I know they have had some issues with AMD based G-cards in the past. Have you tried to go to the actual site to update your graphics drivers? Sometimes the auto update doesn’t actually give you the latest drivers, have you tried that?

Hopefully some of the Moderators can get the right ppl to help you… @8BitCrab, @Relyss, @SteveAdamo They should be able to point you to the correct ppl. Hope they find a solution to your needs soon :slight_smile:

i did yes thats why i dont get it i tried everything

Have you tried the compatibility test and down graded it to win8 or 7 ( last suggestion, till somebody who’s in the know can help) - Peace -

Maybe try to lower your graphic settings? We don’t really know how will the game perform on Windows 10, I don’t know if the devs are testing yet on that OS.
@not_owen_wilson, do you know if the game has been tested on Win10?

Have you tried enabling v-sync? (Click the first checkbox in ‘options’). Maybe just running at a lower resolution (shrink the window)?

It’s also conceivable that this is Win10 related (we haven’t started testing on it yet, but will do so soon).

Otherwise, we’re still not done optimizing Stonehearth; our next Alpha release actually include a couple of key changes to the rendering engine that ought to reduce CPU usage.


i know have windows 8.1 still the same problem tried making it smaller still the same problem and how do i do the compatibility test

Could be a computer issue (maybe)…

But! - Go to were you have Stonehearth installed/ Find Stonehearth.exe (may just show a small icon, pending on how you have your OS setup)/ Right click/ select troubleshoot compatibility/ pick the “Was working on an earlier version” line (or something similar to that)/ select different version ex: 8/ 7/ xp… (I really don’t think it will help you, so don’t get your hopes up, but who knows! :slight_smile: ).

Do a test and monitor your temps while you load a fresh game, How many ppl did you have? were you doing A lot of things in the game? or does it just steadily increase overtime doing little to nothing?

What type of PC is it ? Custom built or from a manufacturer? what name brand is it? (so many question could be asked). Have you had a service tech look at it? Early Access games can sometimes point to a problem that you never even knew existed, even if it doesn’t appear with other programs.

Do a pc check (if Dell use the pc checkup…it works okay-ish for the most part). If your not used to doing this type of thing, I would get a tech or somebody who you trust and knows what to look for…

(don’t take this the wrong way pls!, There are too many variables and I don’t know your background in what you do/don’t know)

Your best bet is to wait till the new release drops and see what happens, then think about doing a deep internal investigation of your rig, if it’s still happening.