Windows 10 AMD 64bit High CPU Usage

I’ll post more data as I gather it, but here’s the intitial CPU load on Windows 10 64bit:

This is sitting idle with just some chopping and clean up. New game. It generally hovers in the 65% range, but peaks around 80%. In spite of this, the game seems to run fairly smoothly.

Update: Game seems to be rock solid on this machine (other than the high CPU usage). Had it running all evening (on pause for an hour or two also) and no crash (that’s never happened before). That’s certainly a treat. I’ll run it longer tomorrow and test the save game function more.

Windows 10 has a Video Hardware Acceleration bug effecting it right now. I don’t know if that’s what could be effecting yours, but I wanted to let you know. It’s the reason I reverted back to 8.1.

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2 issues:

  1. Windows10 in the current state … ok windoof gernally but there are no good alternatives ^^
  2. No infos about yiur hardware :wink: