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I put together this quick kit that should be able to be used to enable you to have trees in your biome change with the seasons, per the base game’s biomes.

  1. Download: SeasonalTreesKit.rar (5.5 KB)

  2. Extract into the Entities folder of your biome mod (create one if you don’t have one)

  3. Go into the files for the trees you want to affect and change the following line:

  • “mod” should be the name of your mod
  • “modbiome” should be the name of your biome
  • “biome” should stay as is
  1. Open “add to your manifest” with a text editor of your choice.

  2. Add the lines for the trees you want to affect to your manifest

  3. Profit! (and let me know if it worked or if you had issues, please! :smiley: )

Sidenote: Ignore the Joshua tree. It isn’t needed, I just forgot to delete it.

[MOD] Faewood Biome [COMING SOON]

Fan art!

Acrylic on parchment/paper


I love these! :smile: :smile:
Great work!


The Faewood is going to have some interesting trees, it seems;




It begins!





I laughed :jubilant:


I thought it was a kitty carrier at first.


Failed experiment;

Was trying to make something that normally uses one model, instead use “one_of”. But using a mixinto with the new information didn’t work; had to override it before it would do what I wanted.

Hate using overrides; does anyone possibly know a better means of going about it? (121.6 KB)

Here’s my concept test. Currently still set as an override from my last run of it. Any help is appreciated.


If I have some time at work I’ll take a look, should work exactly like I made my shields work I guess.


You can instead use this (in a normal mixinto file)

	"components": {
		"model_variants": {
			"mixintypes": {
				"default": "override"
			"default": {
				"models": [
						"type": "one_of",
						"items": [

It will only override that section of the file.
mixintypes have to be placed right before what you want to target, and it has to be on the same level hierarchy (a sibling)
Inside it you write what you are replacing (the “default”), and follow it with the keyword “override” to tell it what to do (the other word is remove, to simple delete something without replacing)

The reason you couldn’t do with a normal mixinto is because in an array [ ], there is no index you can select to target what you want to change. There is no “targetable_left_side”: “variable_right_side”. So the game will simple add another entry there.

For more about this “mixintypes” check here: Mixintypes


Thank you, Bruno! That did the trick, and I have that link bookmarked now :slight_smile:


Hmm… white undershirt, or dusty brown?


So, I decided to try to make a way so you can choose your starting worker outfits, as opposed to having them randomize through the set of new ones I design. And it sorta works…

…they just start off in their undies…

But then can be customized into the outfits correctly with HoMF:


Tonight, I learned the basics of using Blender to make animations!



headache? :smiley:


no she was going for one of these


i know ^^ was an joke :wink:


To be fair… they’re not mutually exclusive - I’ve encountered stupid that was strong enough to simultaneously make me facepalm and give me a headache before :smile:


Extra-strength stupid, get it now at your local store! :’)

EDIT: also i went through yoyuru stuff ALL THE WAY BACK, damn kitty, you hade made a LOT of stuff XD