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Mod concept #919 - Class Overhaul, including new classes

  • Mason Branch: For those who deal with digging and the refinement of what comes out of the earth

  • Footman Branch: For those who deal with combat, be it ranged, heavy, or holy / healing the results of combat

  • Farmer Branch: For those who deal with cultivated materials, both production and refinement, be it from trees (Forester / Carpenter), water (Aquaculturist), animals (Shepherd / Weaver), or just preparing it into something tastier (Cook)

  • Gatherer Branch: For those who deal with wild materials, be it scavenging (Gatherer), hunting (Trapper), or brewing (Herbalist)


Looks neat, though one question.

For kingdoms starting with a higher tier job, how will that handle?
Take Rayya’s Children for example. They start off with a potter, without getting a mason for a while.
Same for the Ascendency, they start with a carpenter.

How will that handle?


They would get to skip up the branch for those particular ones.


I really like this structure and some of the new concepts, especially the gatherer (like a starting forager) or the aquaculturist. I’m just concerned with the Weaver’s location, although weavers do work with wool, they also work with plant fiber (more often than wool, arguably) so I’m unsure if they make sense after the shepherd. Besides, being a third tier class, that would require quite the rebalancing for all the early-mid game cloth needs :smiley:

In my opinion the weaver could perhaps be after the gatherer?


I was uncertain about the weaver myself, and didn’t think of that one - will keep it in mind, thanks! :smiley:


“Um… Madame Benefactor… are you sure this is a good place for a new colony…? -gulps-”


an old town with well…and a whole lot of graves.
something bad happened in the past thats for sure XD


Well, for all the settlers know, the graveyard might be hundreds or thousands of years old with generations’ worth of graves, not necessarily a sign of recent calamity/mass hearthling deaths…

Worth a quick inspection to see if all the graves look like they were built at the same time, or over many years.

… Just make sure to do that in the middle of the morning, not the evening hahahaha!

@Kittyodoom are you perchance using a mod to increase landmark spawn rate and/or density? And would you be so kind as to upload a save taken right around the time of the image (before any major construction is started)? Unfortunately just sharing the seed won’t necessarily replicate the landmark formations (I’m a bit fuzzy about the whys and hows, but I remember that the exact location you pick on the embarkation map also has an effect on landmark spawns – apparently the same seed will spawn different landmarks and a slightly different map if you move the “embark here” cursor just one tile)


Ummm, well… unfortunately, I’m not sure if I can, as I produced it while testing a mod that I’m currently developing >.<

(Which is presuming I even saved that one, checking atm)

However, I can definitely say I don’t have a mod to increase the rate, as I currently have NO mods installed (aside from my own, which are mostly the WIP ones)


WIP sneak peek!

Aquaculturist field with tester crop (“water carrots” xD)

The first actual crop - Alfalfa!
Main product is alfalfa fiber, a lush grass type fiber that will be used to make animal feed by the cook. Also has a chance to drop the flowers, which are a type of herb.


Slowly building my Aquaculturist from scratch following a significant computer failure;

Male Aquaculturist outfit:

Female Aquaculturist outfit:

Aquaculturist’s Polenet:

Used to clear the grow-boxes of any remnant debris prior to filling with fresh water and new plants/creatures.

Creatures such as…

Crabbycrab! (he returns!)

Oh… I think you left him in the grow-box too long…


Crabs are not terribly cute as babies…


“Hey, you! Let me out of here!”

(Too late…)


Not Stonehearth related; I just spent an hour playing around with 3DS Max tonight, learning how to do things, and was pleased with myself:



Thank you again for this, @BrunoSupremo. Helped me finally solve a problem I was having with another mod that I’d put on the back burner out of frustration (and kinda forgot about until recently because of it).


Throwing some love to anyone who needs it








So, I never got around to trying to play with patterns, roofs, and walls with Building Colors and the old builder; they were too intimidating for me at the time.

Playing with them now, I find I’m at a bit of a conflict with my original intended design vs the games. My concept was to have the lighter colours on top, darker colours on the edges; to reflect sunlight hitting the roof, and the ‘gutters’ being shaded.

The ones from within the game, however, seem to have the darker colours on top and the lighter colours on the edge…

So, my current idea and relative compromise, using my five-colour sets, was this:

(using the Red Painted Wood colour set)

Or, with the numbers:

Making the pattern on top relatively close to the base game ones; but with the dark color on the edge.

Which… works a bit better than how my original concept implements anyways;

Patterns, walls, and roofs coming soon to the Cattect Suite; starting with the Wood sets, as I have to update them currently due to a little mistake I overlooked…


Patterns is something i’m really looking forward to have more of :smiley:


Internal conflict:

First pass, I made one roof for each colour set. These vary between the ‘peaked’ style demo’ed in red above, a thatch pattern, and some others I have up my sleeve.

But, um… it resulted in about a dozen roofs, before even getting to the very special ones like the experimental Rainbow Dome that I was playing with. And that’s roughly a dozen (before special) with just ONE module’s colour set (the painted roof); there’s still another set that’s the same size, plus a third set. For wood, the third set is much smaller than the other two… but no so much for stone (and I haven’t even finished clay bricks and clay yet).

So, before I push the update and shelf this for the moment, I have a question and a half for the community:

  1. Should I do one roof for each colour set, or just for particular colours?
  • Limited selection of colours.

0 voters

  1. If you voted for a limited selection of colours, which of the sets would you like to see?
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Aqua/Ice
  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Magenta/Pink
  • White/Light Grey
  • Grey
  • Black/Medium Grey
  • Brown *
    ( * not applicable to all modules, such as wood)

0 voters