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Lovely as always, Kitty! <3
Are you asking me to choose between those last two??
I… I can’t!!! T____T


Damn xD Okay, I’ll add both variants then? :wink:


HAHAHA sure!!!
Courtesan “Light” and “Dark”
(and I’m seriously thinking on cut my own hair like this! <3 )


The Simpletuck was based on a hairstyle I saw on an actress in a movie that my grandmother was watching; from there, I made the courtesan by adding curls from the spiralcurl hairstyle ^.^

The Bard one also uses a similar base, as it’s sorta one of those “if I could” hairstyles I’d have for myself…


I really like the one with the braid.
How about Kitty’s Dreads of Doom?


Okay, @Bella_Chatlotte, I know I originally said “no” to this request, but something else I was working on ended up turning into this anyways (don’t ask what…I don’t actually remember now - blasted sleep deprivation! xD)

Not sure how much I like it, though…


hair_kitty_sikhturban.qb (215.4 KB)


I think that you got very close to a solution.
Can I work a lil bit on this model?


Feel free! All models I post to this thread are open source as far as I care - anyone who wants to edit, copy, use, eat, or otherwise with them is quite welcome to; accreditation if used somewhere is nice, but I won’t cry foul if not


WombatPlush.qb (2.8 KB)


wombat? :sunny: can you make it into a hat? :smile:


I could try! Think my dear @Wiese2007 would insist on it being in the clothing mod if I did, though, which I don’t think have been updated lately

Or I could just make it a hat, toss you the file, and you can do something with it?


haha sure, though i guess it would end up on a goblins head then! :wink:


hair_kitty_womhat.qb (20.6 KB)

hair_kitty_womhat.qb (17.3 KB)


goblin_headwombat.qb (31.3 KB)


I will pass it on to the team and lets see what they can do with this? :smiley: thank you Kitty.


wombathat?!? LETS START :smiley:


@Kittyodoom the model for the goblin seems to be an empty matrix? If you get around to fixing it, you are welcome to send it to me in a pm :wink: thanks.


ok this is my part ^^ because this issue an standard isuse when you use other programs then qubicle ^^


Feel free to get me Qubicle for Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:


… sry not enough money since last lawyermeeting …