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it’s okay, sweetie, I wasn’t being serious!


sooo all files fixed
hair_kitty_womhatgoblin.qb (154.0 KB) but just works with head 1,2,3 and 4

here the HAIRSTYLES :wink: if you want this only has hat you need to remove the hair … but i think its good as a hairstyle xD

hair_kitty_womhat.qb (307.9 KB) - female
hair_kitty_womhat.qb (307.9 KB) - male


Things in the works :wink:


me likey me likey


If those bottom 8 are stone, could you add some with a bit of brown, please? :slight_smile:


Sure! I was intending to entirely redo the stone anyways, was discontent with the results of my first sets of colours.

Wood, just changing the additional set I added (the rest were expansions off the existing sets), though might add some color “stained” woods as well.


Dilemma: I was going to split this into two mods, “Expanded” Floors which would just add the colours that go with the existing sets, and “Colorful” that would add Rainbow stains to the wood and stone. However…I couldn’t come up with more colours for the Clay Bricks version. So…is the following too much for one mod?


…yes, I got a bit carried away with the stone…
I think I may expand the clay bricks to sets of 5 as well; I really prefer sets of 5 to sets of 3 for some reason.


Anyone think the stone colours are too vibrant? I mixed the wood colours with existing wood colours to act as “stains”, but that didn’t work as well with the stones.


Yeah I think they are a bit tooo bright, i think stone should have a bit more unsaturated pallete, i dont see stones being like bright blue or orange, the darker ones though are great.

So less bright vibrant colours, more darker unsaturated colours.

Wood i like

clay i also like.


Quantity of colours isn’t an issue, though, in your opinion?


The more the merrier i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Too much could be a issue though

I think you should split it into smaller mods so if people only want the darker colours they dont have the ui swamped by brightness


Actually working on less saturated versions of the stone colours atm; I did suspect they were a bit too bright myself, hence I asked.


Come on now, anyone who wasn’t expecting this simply hasn’t been paying attention to the way you do things Kitty :stuck_out_tongue:

I love this range of colours, and I actually really like having those vibrant options from the stone palette, but perhaps they’d make more sense with clay than with stone? I imagine those would be created with glazed tiles (the sort you’d use in a bathroom or kitchen), while the more de-saturated versions would fit stone (which does actually come in a natural range of colours, if you know where to find the right rocks hahah.) As for the wood palettes, honestly I’m not sure whether I like the range of colours – part of me thinks that there’s no such thing as too many options, but the other part of me is actually very familiar with working with woods and stains as well as painting it; as a general rule you need a strong primer coat to get any colour that isn’t brown/reddish/black (depending of course on what kind of wood you’re working with.) Even really pale blonde woods won’t take to dying in bright colours all that well, you’ll always get a muted effect. You’ve done a brilliant job of capturing that effect on the dyed wood colours, actually… I just have a hard time accepting that the hearthlings would settle for such colours, why not whitewash the wood to create an undercoat and then have the full vibrancy of the colour?

So, in short: I reckon have the really bright colours for clay (giving a good reason for players to unlock that option), and move all the semi-muted colours to be painted stone. Keep the really muted colours to be dyed woods, but limit that to natural and earthy tones (browns, khaki, dark/mossy greens, blue-greys.) That way you develop a sense of character in different building materials – clay buildings are vibrant and exotic, wooden buildings are muted and rustic, and stone buildings are solid but remain in the background without overpowering the more flamboyant clay/terracotta touches.


Mmm…don’t know about you, most of my early structures with Ascendency tend to be wooden. When I start getting more orante, it includes clay and stone. Early on, settle for a wash; later on, if you’re already putting in the effort, why not go for the brilliantly coloured clay based drywall?




I think I like them. Any other input?
I’ll get some in-game shots in a bit.


Hairstyles in the Works:

hair_kitty_bard.qb (20.1 KB)

hair_kitty_courtesan.qb (15.3 KB)

hair_kitty_simple.qb (10.6 KB)

hair_kitty_bunnybun2.qb (18.9 KB)

hair_kitty_bunnybun3.qb (22.2 KB)

hair_kitty_mop.qb (14.1 KB)

hair_kitty_xena.qb (17.6 KB)

-Updated to make the veil into a separate entity-

Similar for these - geeky styles that remove the glasses:
hair_kitty_dorky3.qb (14.0 KB)
hair_kitty_dorky4.qb (10.0 KB)
hair_kitty_dorky1.qb (15.0 KB)
hair_kitty_dorky2.qb (30.1 KB)

hair_kitty_geeky3.qb (14.0 KB)

hair_kitty_geeky4.qb (10.0 KB)

hair_kitty_youngbard.qb (62.6 KB)


Missed one:
hair_kitty_noblebard.qb (62.6 KB)


And…voxelshop seems to be corrupting my files x_x


at the first new topic - a voice in my head says … and more to fix :smiley:


Yea; currently, I do need to utilize you again, until I can get Voxelshop to start cooperating. Unfortunate, I was enjoying being able to do it myself :crying_cat_face:
Currently remaking some of them…oddly, much as I enjoy making them…
I really hate having to remake them >.<