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I may have gotten a bit carried away…


…which is unfortunate, because I can’t get it to export correctly. Ah well. Back to the start!


what should it be?


Was trying to make a long hooded cloak


---- dont try it again xD


In this case, I see two issues with the design:

  1. The cloak sticks away from the head, making it look rigid; it should probably be “held up” at the top but look like it’s draping/drooping down over the head and shoulders. One way to accomplish that is to make the hood only just wider than the head is, but have some ripples near where it joins the collar, so that it looks like the head is holding it up.

  2. It’s simply too large – when I first saw it I thought it was a fur-lined eskimo-style hood, until I noticed all the space between it and the hearthling!

I realise that part of the reason for this scale would be to accommodate the LoMH styles, but remember that a hood will generally squash down even the puffiest hair. Actually, I have a couple of friends who sport impressive afros, it’s always funny in winter when they take off their hoods and it all explodes out!


Actually, it’s because there were bunny ears under the hood :innocent:



I suppose this is a more practical outfit anyways



This little spot is just wonderful. AND JUST A BIT TOO SMALL FOR MY TASTE! I want more of those surrounding mountains!!! :crying_cat_face:


I guess you need to rename the mod to giant_map.smod. It doubles its radius. Warning for bad PCs frying.


Interestingly enough, despite the preview name being so garbled, it actually had the right name for the file when I clicked on it.

Ahem; Eyieeeeeeeeeeeeee! :smiley: You’re amazing, thank youuuuuu!


you dont want to see what to see all skincoliors xDDDD


Shhhh, don’t go sharing about my first batch just because you have them now…some of them still need work :stuck_out_tongue:


I LOVE IT!!! I have posted your link also in my translation thread


Here, what @Wiese2007 is sassing:

First three are the usual three Stonehearth skin colors, for comparison

Next six are ones that I made for my testing version, which Wiese has because I was having an issue and needed his help. Of them…

I actually rather like the second set of three. Golden and Crimson seem fairly realistic to me, and the Timber is a nice supernatural one.

The last three…still need work, I just could not get them to come out a way I like; Wooley actually was originally a superficial red like Hellboy, and I kept changing it out of frustration. The name for the current color was off of a song (Purple People Eater, by Sheb Wooley). And that is about the extent of what I like about that one >.<

Halfork was a cross between one of the Hearthling skin colors, and the green color of the goblins, but it’s not a great mix.

The jotun just…keeps coming out wrong. Either too superficial blue looking, too washed out…can’t get it the way I want.


Jotun… You got my vote kitty :wink: I dont know if votes are any good in this case, but now you have it haha :rofl:


Well, thank you, @Fornjotr, you’ve inspired me to keep playing around with them. Here’s the next attempts:

Halfork: Perhaps a bit too green now?

Hellboy: Does it seem too dark? I tried it a bit lighter first and didn’t care for it…

Timber: Before and After adding a touch of red-brown to it

Jotun: Actually…this one isn’t too bad, I think


ok after changing settlementradius to 60 i have now the whole map xD but now i need a mod with them i can zoom out further xDDD


and this



Hamnistal.qb (19.2 KB)

Dedicated to the saviour of the Bunnies, @Hamnisu

Strange Mod Error

Some new hairstyles made while working through other things!
(because designing hair is really relaxing for some reason)

The Mop top:

The reversed Bard:

The Simpletuck:

Need an opinion on this one, the Courtesan:
This is with “Dark” as the “main” colour, then “Medium” & “Light” for the accents and curls:


vs with “Medium” as the “main” colour, then “Dark” & “Light” for the accents and curls:

…I may need to play with this one more. @Bella_Chatlotte, any input? ^.^