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ahhh ok and i have waited for the infos to implent them - nice to see that you have complete it :smiley:


Entirely so! Testing it now, as I noticed a few weren’t working right (I mispelled two paths, had typos in two names, and outright forgot two); but I haved added them to the female customization, all three female files, the male customization, and all three males. (oh, and the manifest, of course)

Going to make sure it works correctly, make a catalogue of the different hair colours and styles for both genders, then do the one little thing that crossed my mind while working on them. After all that, if everything is good, I can try putting the change on github?


I felt like playing around with some design work to relax earlier while my internet was down.

I may have been playing around in the swamp a little :innocent:
swampwillow.qb (24.0 KB)

Not so certain on that “bark is worse than bite” idea…
swirlfacetree.qb (29.0 KB)

smkulder.qb (449 Bytes)

What? No, it’s just a boulder. Why are you so spooked by a rock?


Okay, who brought a mossy crate with us out here, eh?
mosscrate.qb (4.0 KB)

Dance- of the Sunflower

A runic archway? Sweeeet! What could possibly go wrong?!


Yes, your happy little shrub is very cute, Ryn…


Is…is that flowering bush… glowing?! What in earth did you do to it?!


Now I want to see a haunted marsh.


Great models Kitty! I would love to use some of them in the Swamp, would that be ok with you?


Of course! I post the qb files (when they cooperate with uploading, which a few didn’t) so they can be freely used :slight_smile:


@BrunoSupremo would you mind picking up these gems from the kitty to the swamp? Thanks :slight_smile:

And thank you @Kittyodoom the models are great! please make more if the inspiration, time and joy ends in the right constalation again in the future!


The better question would be who has internet that goes down?! Is that still a thing? But I agree with @Fornjotr and @MelOzone I would definitely like to see them in swamp! Especially on Halloween!


I live in a very old, formerly industrial neighborhood in Chicago; I couldn’t even get high speed here last time I tried (when I was living here 4years ago, before I went to Canada).

@Fornjotr, did you want any of the models that didn’t upload? I could try again at them when i get home in a bit.


Well i dont know if the last three will fit into the swamp, but maybe they can be used somewhere else? if you upload them, they might end up in the swamp or some other project?

But at this point i am thankfull for the swamp models :slight_smile:


Ones that failed to load before:
runicarch.qb (185.5 KB)
happyshrub.qb (27.5 KB)
glowbush.qb (27.5 KB)

N-No, no, I don’t think you should eat those, Soon, they look, uh…

badberrybush.qb (32.9 KB)

Oh my GODS, what is THAT, Ishi? No, I do NOT want to give it a hug!!!

petflytrap.qb (3.8 MB)


Sample of my last bout of insanity that I am currently in the process of removing/cleaning up:



Originally had something like 12 skin colours I put together, which includes that each had its own set of hairstyles/colours it favoured over others. But I am largely discontent with how my skin colours came out, so I’m in the process of reverting the changes I had made.


I love you for make more skin colors for us! <3


@Wiese2007 never should have taught me how to update LoMH myself.
He doesn’t know what he’s enabled me to do :stuck_out_tongue:


… now im useless :cry:


I wouldn’t go that far…I keep blowing up things and deciding to just remove them again when I get frustrated trying to fix them :innocent:

You’re definitely some kind of super magician as far as I can tell so far


More things in the work!


Because, really, why would I do something like work on one project at a time?


I’m expecting nothing less than a bunnymancer from you.


Well, I was originally thinking more along the lines of a Bunny Priest and Bunny Clergy, but now that you’ve mentioned Bunnymancer, hmm… maybe [Bunny] Acolyte and [Bunny] Archon do have a nicer ring to them… :cat:


The distinguishing colours I use when placing patterns certainly make WIP items look interesting, lol:



Not sure if I’ll keep it white or not