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i have just decided to withdraw from discourse … AHHHHHH … and again lots of writing work … ^^ but i think i will not add the had … thats more for lomc^^

before i start - @Kittyodoom are you finished or do you have more inpeto?

and i need normal versions of frosted_hair_kitty_octotail and frosted_hair_kitty_warriorrainbow.qb xD and lots of freetime xD


Okaaaaay… :forlorn:


Or you can give me the directions of what to do, and I can give it a try?

Bah, I dislike the normal versions compared to the frosted…the highlights/shadows were so strange in the original designs. BUT since you requested;
hair_kitty_octotail.qb (154.0 KB)
hair_kitty_warriorrainbow.qb (154.0 KB)


if you dislike it then i wont add the normal versions ^^

and was just a question because its very much coding so i dont want to restart again - so i ask if you have planed something so that i will wait with the adding


No, it’s fine. If not for how much work it’d be, or if I knew how to do it myself, I’d probably be trying to replace the original ones with the frosted versions. I think my newer stuff even follows the same styles as what I used for the frosted.
Minus any rainbow additions, those were special ^.^

I’ll look into finding a guide to help with it; want to revive my bunnies anyways :slight_smile:

But you can upload the normal ones for LoMH to be complete, and I’ll take a brave stab at FoMH (Frostings of Many Hair) :wink:


Interesting testing results:


They’d be cool. But I can’t pull that off.


Things in the works!


I see new colours xD


Psst, @Allie

smithyturtle.qb (31.3 KB)

Hungry Furnace:

Oh, and the bellows moving on its own? It’s wagging its tail
HungryFurnace.qb (376.4 KB)

Stone Frog is a pretty lax dude. He’ll just sit here and let you put stuff on his head. He especially likes ore sitting on him.
Unlike Thieving Turtle, he won’t try sneaking off with whatever you place on him.
Stonefrog.qb (7.3 KB)


Yessssssss… This is excellent!


Passionate Knight - Spirit: 1

Sweetie, I know it’s your dream and all, but, um…your stats don’t go well with your trait.




With gratitude to @Hamnisu for his help and patience while I was trying to get them to work :heart_eyes_cat:


I may or may not have just made several highly embarrassing noises of excitement…


Looks really good, @Kittyodoom - good job!


Just testing one more little surprise thing, then might be ready to post the first release version ^.^


It’s released; have at it, @YetiChow? :smiley:


I don’t have a problem, shush…


??? what? i dont understand


Lol, is a joke, at the fact I obsessively more than tripled the number of hair colors :innocent: Going to take screenshots of the shortly to show of my catalogue of colour :smiley: