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“Dun touch mah hat!”

I… don’t really want to…

KoD_Cactihati.qb (134.4 KB)

“Who, me? Why would I dig through rubbish?”

KoD_Ramask.qb (155.0 KB)

I, um… I don’t really know. I just got kinda carried away playing with colours and patterns, shifting things, and…this happened…

KoD_Oogachaka.qb (155.0 KB)


…maaaybe it’s time I head to bed…


ähmmm yes it defintily is xD


I learn from sheepdog; waaf, waaaf!

kitty_sheep’dog’.qb (47.0 KB)

I are sheep, really! Waaaa, waaaa!

kitty_mamsheep.qb (47.0 KB)


wants to write now this sheep is suddenly an elephant
scrolls down


I LOVE the animals. Please, could someone make them a mod?


Psst, @Vargbane! Whatcha think?! :smiley_cat:


I like it!! :smiley:


I used a screenshot from a seed generated with the mod biome (a very nice one given to me by @Geokhan actually) as the basis.

I love mountains and mountainous biomes; one of my few “homes” to date was when I was living near the Rockies, I always settle in Extreme Hills in Minecraft (or Flying Mountains via my favourite mod, Highlands), ideally near a cliff face in base Stonehearth, a nice central mountain or valley in Gnomoria…

So, this mod biome, is my favourite thing so far. I am happy to have helped, even in such a small way :slight_smile:


That picture captures it perfectly.


Thank you!
The positive feedback means allot :slight_smile:

-Me to, mountains I mean, especially when you can see far away ^^
Haven’t known about the Rockies before now, -it looks lovely!
I can understand if you miss that environment.

I won’t change much of the general shape of the biome, only some resources like plants and ores.
And trees! (…eventually)

I will release a new update containing your story board art :relaxed:


Like it, but it lacks shadow from the hearthlings. Could you add it?


Not much of a shadow on them normally, I thought it would get lost with the shadow already on the scene


I know but it’ll make the picture less flat. Really.


Uh… huh. It’s not really that flat in my view, might be part of my perception issue.


I like it as is. And it looks deep to me too.


hmmmmm when i think on the other models … perhaps someone wants to make some new factions with them later ^^ wolfclan and dark ascendancy xD



KoD_lefteyepatch_plain.qb (155.0 KB)
KoD_righteyepatch.qb (155.0 KB)


“Now you listen here, son; back when I still had two good eyes-”

KoD_agedadventurer.qb (155.0 KB)


Altered version of one of the “geeky” LoMC hairstyles, as per my D&D character’s hair and magic goggles;

Tonei.qb (155.0 KB)