Kitty's Design Corner


You know nothing, Jon Snow.


-goes off and looks that up-


What do you mean, ‘you’re a wolf now’?!

Where did you even… you know what, no, just…no.

-sigh- There’s clearly something in the water around here…

kitty_wolfsuit.qb (198.8 KB)


do you really want an answer for this? :wink:

so i have add all to lomc xD only the wolfsuit was a little toooo much for this mod xD


Kitty you are a genius :smile:


hmmm perhaps the woflsuit for an mod with kitties, dogs etc. as peoples xD animaltribe or something xD


Animalhearth mod! xD


Gear designs in progress;

Wielding mask for blacksmith:

KoD_BSWM.qb (126.8 KB)

KoD_BSWMicon.qb (3.2 KB)

Engineer’s special backpack:

Ladies’ model:

KoD_EMB.qb (157.2 KB)
KoD_EMBf.qb (111.1 KB)
KoD_EMBicon.qb (46.0 KB)

Pardon this brief interruption while the kitty squees from stumbling onto the Magmasmith models


Quick last one before class starts:

Mason tool vest;

Male: KoD_MTV.qb (134.4 KB)


From first break:

Female mason tool harness:

KOD_MTH.qb (23.0 KB)

-edit- I wasn’t sure if the mason belt would work for the female outfit or not… if so, then never mind me, lol


yes it works - i have only removed two layes to shrink it xD but i think i will replace it with this after my sleep (its 2am here now xD)


Needed something to calm me down during an overwhelmed / panic attack during class.

Seems that resulted in the weaver getting a little tangled in his measuring tape

KoD_WTTm.qb (155.0 KB)


Lady weavers don’t have no time to be tangled in measuring tapes, or dispose of empty spools, or for hair getting tangled in the loom- ouch…

KoD8b_WGB.qb (155.0 KB)

Why, yes, you observant person, you! It is based off of the small bun hairstyle made by @8BitCrab!


haha, thanks for the shout-out :smile: though to be honest i wouldn’t have realized it was based off of mine if you hand’t said that… i guess i’m not an observant person :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahahaha, it’s okay, love to the crabs anyways :wink:
Yours had the bun on top; I literally recreated it to exact pixel count on the back, then added the sticks from the spindle, and some string from it.


Our faithful potters have been working with clay so long, their hands feel cold when not working with it, so we made them:

KoD_PCGm.qb (134.4 KB)

Oh, our lady potters weren’t immune to this effect;

KoD_PCGf.qb (134.4 KB)


While our poor male weaver was getting all tangled up in his measuring tape, his female counterpart decided to let no loose threads go to waste and produced this stylish little scarf:

KoD_WTS.qb (155.0 KB)


Yarrr, matey!

KoD_Yarrr.qb (153.4 KB)


Ahoy, scallywags!

KoD_Ahoy.qb (134.4 KB)


Ah, you dare unclip and pull back the glorious curtains to our not so humble abode?

Kitty_ElaborateEntrance.qb (188.6 KB)