Kickstarter - Exploding Kittens

so… yeah, this just popped up on the ol’ radar… and the premise is so ridiculously funny that I felt it had to be mentioned here! :smile:

This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.

apparently one of the team members (Oatmeal) is internet famous? and while the game looks like it would be fun, I am just floored by the campaign’s statistics:

  • 100% funded in 20 minutes
  • 1000% funded in under an hour
  • within 48 hours they are the #22 most funded campaign ever, #11 most funded game and #1 most funded card game :astonished:

enjoy! i’ll be pledging later today… :smile: :+1:


And here we see what happens when famous people make games with potential :slight_smile:


I done a bit of calculations and if they follow standard kickstarter patterns (Which they are probably not) they are gonna end up backed with something along 10-15 million dollars. As It is normal to get around twice as much the last 4 days and as this seems popular it is gonna keep getting a steady backing throughout the project.

How do you sleep at night?

quite well, thank you! :+1:

but showing off this other gem (that I just watched NerdCubed play) will make me sleep even better! :smile:


I am actually happy you brought this one to my attention, can you choose the names of our enemies? It would be awesome to see if I can simulate Map Game battles.

This seems way to awesome to exist :slight_smile:

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Can we have an actual link instead of a video :DD

Kickstarter videos double as links :slight_smile:

here you go, my good man… :smile: :+1:

More kickstarter:

I am officially scared The project seems interesting though :slight_smile:

Ok you guys should seriously check out Exploding kittens latest stretch goal (God these guys are hilarious)

annnnnd funded… phew that was a close one! :smile:

they just barely eeked by raking in nearly 8.8 million on this one… :wink:

what a fun campaign this was… and what a crazy bunch of backers!! :+1:

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