Catlateral Damage

My turn to share a kickstarter, Catlateral Damage! It’s a game about being a cat and knocking things over.

This is for all the cat lovers. And all the destruction lovers. And all the quicky game lovers… and indie game fans…



hahahaha… i approve of this thread! :smile:

i just saw the campaign earlier this morning, and had a good chuckle… a playable demo is available now… and they’ve already reached over 1/3 the campaign objective! :+1:

edit: hands down, one of the best features to look forward to…

Meow using state of the art, cutting edge meowing technology

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‘insert witty comment about my username here’

This game makes me remember when I brought a kitten home some years ago.

We went out to buy all a kitten could need for a luxurious lifestyle for the time he would be there (like a nice burberry tartan collar etc).
By the time we got home, the kitten had ruined two curtains, a couch and peed in a corner… and was looking at me like saying “hey, you brought this on yourself buddy…”


I have a cat and I approve of this game.

But really, I really like this game because it reminds me of when I first brought home a female tabby kitten home about two years ago. Now she is a fine adult cat but I still remember the days when she used to ruin the furniture, hide behind the Fridge, and pee in places in the house I didn’t even know she could get into.

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I was about to correct your spelling when I read what the game was about. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems entertaining, to say the least. I guess it would make more sense to cat owners.