Kick starter money, i pledged but

I pledged the $30 tier. However my card was empty and i only managed to get the money into the card three days after the kick starter had finished. At the top of the kick starter page there was a yellowy’ish box and said fix payment and so i re-did the payment and received a successful payment email for the kick starter. I was wondering if this has contributed to the sum of money? And if it counts or will i be refunded and have to pledge through PayPal?

I know this is probably a stupid question but i really want to pledge and i need to know if i have or if i have to pledge with PayPal. Thanks

If you got the successful payment email then it was successful, nothing else to it. That is unless amazon is lying to us about it.


Thanks, i’m always paranoid about these thing :L. But you’ve just made my day friend thatnks!

@Odzor … yes you should be good to go… and for anyone else who is curious, it seems Kickstarter has a 7 day grace period to fix any issues with a pledge:

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Thank you, you have relived the pressure. Phew! :slight_smile: