Just a suggestion <NEVERWINTER NIGHTS> and other features

Just a suggestion <NEVERWINTER NIGHTS
This game is extremely exciting, never picked up a game on Steam genre that I see so many possibilities … It’s great game …
My suggestions …
1- Creative Adventure and RPG - Create scenarios and stories in RPG mode or just an adventure with the mechanical features of Neverwinter, using scripts or simpler than this, as have all the programção simply choose what to do. I know this is not in the plans, but it would be wonderful.
2 - I love fish, the game has water but no fish kkkkk, and boats please
3 - Transition scenarios, portals where you can expand your reign, find other sources of wealth, but that you can go and return to his village … that is different from the craft of world game, it just goes and starts all over again .
4 Mining could create helmets with light, the famous mine carts to deeper places … and also creepy creatures
5- New vegetation, animals to domesticate, and wildlife …
6 Hunt dangerous animals in group …
7 - With these options up I want nothing kkkkkk, is that I have a lot of creativity, work with software programming, interface design and I venture Handling of 3D objects.
8 - was already forgetting MODS, MODS is life

1- Taking a quick look at the Dev Roadmap you can see that it looks like the narrative of the game is going to be done by the devs, rather than the players* to a point.

*see 8.
2 - Already coming. Check the forum before you just come in here and start unloading your ideas. I would recommend going through the Forum Guidelines so that you don’t end up in this position.
3 - Check the roadmap again - “Alternative Planes” are already slated for implementation later on.
4 - I would also like to see something like this, or at least a redesigned mining interface. However, insofar as I’m aware, this will probably be more in line with the Geomancer (?) class, which is supposed to support end game terraforming.
5 - See Roadmap.
6 - Pretty sure this is covered by the monsters already, but the “Not Yet Implemented” perks on the trapper imply this (or something like it) is coming.
7/8 - Mods are already active, available, and ripe for the making. Nothing is stopping you from making all of these come true now, yourself, besides getting started.

Again, I would start on the Roadmap and Forum Guidelines, as a lot of this is pretty self evident or redundant.

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