IT'S HAPPENING: Multiplayer available on another super-unstable Steam branch!


Thanks for letting us know! Any error logs or saves where weird stuff happens can be really helpful for us when debugging.


In the latest patch, setting stockpiles to default to none isn’t working for me - in a new, single-player game. I didn’t bother catching the error message, though, so I can’t really be helpful and and write a bug report.


It should work fine :thinking:

Did you have the option checked from before? Or did you toggle it while in-game / main-menu?


I toggled it in-game.


I can’t repro on r840. :thinking:
It could have been caused by that error you mention. Any other details? Which storages did you have or anything you remember?


Just found out something new, The building could use some refreshning. When I try to make a floor in my canves to make it look better, it cracks somewhere and doesnt work, even tho it works for some rooms, some identical others get cracked. And Im recording this so you can see at my channel on youtube later this week.


This happens to buildings too, like, 2 blocks dont work and most work on it stops. why does this happen?


Is there a specific port to unlock for my brother to join?
He gets stuck on connecting
apparently he just got in after a long wait :S the bunny multiplayer god listened to my call

Do i have to name my town before first can connect? he got on instant after i named town:P


You shouldn’t need to, but you must have placed your banner.


CTZL+Z removes what the other players is building if the other player is using the old building system


The idle %ege is suspiciously high, and my hearthlings are idleing instead of building, whats that for?


My brother took up the appeal tool and we got a few errors :smiley:


Change other players health to be their color or green to show they are friends?

My brothers soldier


This seems like a good suggestion! i stand shoulder to shoulder with you on that one Banto :heart: :blue_heart: :green_heart: :yellow_heart: :orange_heart: :purple_heart:


Getting these pretty often in Multiplayer. We think this started to happen the moment after i DC because that threw errors.

Restarted the server and still getting them



It would be awesome if the banners where the same colors aswell, and you can make soldier armors with your city color. And of course choose a color (that isnt chosen tho)


Just got a thought, wouldnt it be awesome if we had servers with like 20-30 cities in the same map, like a larger variety. It would need a damn good server tho, and wars would have been frequent if there was any type of war


also, got a strange glitch while trying to place a wall inside a cave, the whole ingame view began to shake extremely much, and I could not do anything but wait for my friend to save the game so I could get in and out…


I try to make floor for these type of rooms in caves, but it just doesnt work. Why?_?


does it work if you make it a “raised” floor on top or the existing cave floor?