IT'S HAPPENING: Multiplayer available on another super-unstable Steam branch!


The next release was planned for tomorrow right?




That’s like tomorrow, but today!




suggestion: because its sometimes really hard to find the marked spot (and thats with voicechat) perhaps there could be an arrow which shows the direction of a marker if its outside your actual view or perhaps an compass which shows the “north” of map so you can say/write for example there are enemies in the east


yes we all need some kind of this is wherre i need halp! allert in MP as @Wiese2007 says… why not an arrow pointing to battle/a map ping or a co-ordinate/orientation system… heck… why not both even?


There is already a marker/ping that you can use.


Yes, but that ping can be hard to see when people are spread out across the map. A simple arrow on the edge of your screen that is the color of the player when the ping is offscreen would help out a lot.


Yeah, we definitely want to solve the offscreen ping problem at some point. Stay tuned.


Um, I would rather everybody have speed control than just a single nonadjustable player.


so we just tested MP in latest and nothing much (stablity) seems to have changed… but were were using a few mods…


Can i use in MP hearthling from reembarking ? It is a great opportunity for roleplay game… i mean direct fraction (players) with concrete features in early game: warriors-leader, farm-party, crafters conclave


Hosts can, but clients can’t yet.


Host can apply this units only for himself? Or multiply for all players ? %)


Hi, thanks for actually making Multiplayer!!! Im so glad now. Im testing it with a friend right now. But some things I saw to now was:

  • Only some hearthlings can move at once, making building and crafting much less efficient.

  • Attacks shouldnt be threw at one city if one of the other cities has caused it.

  • The road building system should be a bit fixed.

  • Guards should pick up the equipment when it is there, or you should be able to make him equip it.

  • It should be a option to make your own banner and choose some advantages to the banner of your making.

  • this one should be on single player too, but you should be able to lock traits aswell.

I love this game and I hope it the most of luck on the way to being the best god damn city making villige management game ever!!

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Just got a idea, you know that food and other things rot, so why isnt it a dump site you can make, it would be awesome.


@primalimp_gaming Use the mod Better Storage. You can specify what containers hold what with more accuracy. This includes setting a container aside for the rotting food so it’s not out in the open and destroying the appeal of the immediate area.


thanks, its awesome to know about such a mod, but I thought like in a bigger scale, it kind of dumps every uneeded things at the dumpsite or something, just like in real life.


And One thing, the UI was pretty unstable now when I played, and the heartlings stopped randomly, just a note for you.