IT'S HAPPENING: Multiplayer available on another super-unstable Steam branch!


where do we add this? under everything else?


yeah it’s a top level key, it can sit next to "user_id"


there are now 7 peoples who try this :wink:

and it should looks at the end something like this:

“user_id” : “XXXXXXX”,
“enable_auto_save” : true,
“enable_analytics” : true,
“alpha_welcome” : {
“hide2” : true
“steam”: {
“keep_awake_timeout”: 9999999

Is it possible to add dummy players in multiplayer mode? YES!

ok kitty could join for the first time :smiley:

will later test if this also solves the rejoining on later game maps (just have a very lategame map with a friend who couldnt rejoin after some ingame days)


yes this seems to be an amazing fix! will see if the others (who could not join me) now can also :slight_smile:


ok can confirm this fix also helps with rejoining in later game games :smiley:


im curious: does this fix also fix the “crash/disconnect after placing flag/hearth for the first time” -bug?


I believe I still had that flag crash again while testing with someone who did not have the json edit, so I don’t think it works on the client side at least. It is a fast crash when I get it, it’s the instant I put the flag down.


Just tried this test with @TheHeiRou and he can also join (as can @Kittyodoom) so this looks like a good fix… but i am sure many would like to know… as it seems to have done the trick… how long until you push the fix into the build @ayazar and etc? :slight_smile:


I imagine they’ll probably want to find the best possible setting. 10 seconds is clearly too small, but they might not want it to wait quite that long before timing out.


yes… *connecting… * 10 hrs later… lol - i get it ofc :slight_smile:

  • might still be some that it does not cure as well… but let’s hope :slight_smile:


I’m not a big PvP oriented person at all, much preferring cooperative play but an easy fix to this is just have a toggle when you create the game – pvp or pve. I’m pretty sure most people when logging up an MP session have an idea of which they want to play :slight_smile:


Hey, when did the goals get added to the town info screen? I like it, though! image


Could you give me a specific example so I know which files to check?


Seems my friend is unable to place their banner; when they load in, theres just no option to do anything. Completely unmodded


Look in unit_frame.js for the code that disables it on the client. For the server, check resource_node_component.lua. Command buttons are visible only to the entity’s owner by default if it’s owned, but can be overridden (e.g. open_character_sheet.json).


Also, very unrelated. Happy Discourse Joinday @max99x.


Oooh, that visible_to_all_players flag is so sweet, thank you!


ok looks like its not only me with the issue that in MP the townprogress campaign stops at town_founding_food_donation


This should be fixed in the next release.