It's all in the details

Just wanted to thank the devs for all the hard work they’re doing. Details are important and I personally feel all the little things add up to make a huge impact.

The new “Passionate” scrolls with the class icons on them are a great improvement!! Was on the fence about the Animal Companion icon, but after admiring it some more I think the blue just caught me off guard. Oh yeah and I’m not sure if this is a feature or my questionable graphics card, but I find myself often pausing to admire how the shadows kind of make cubes look a lil wobbly like clay when scrolled all the way out. Given the shadowing on some of the info panes I’m gonna assume it’s a feature lol. :jubilant:

I realize the game is still in alpha and has quite a way to go, but you folks are doing a dynamite job of addressing the little things along the way and that’s amazing. I truly admire that you’re staying true to the fairytale/storybook idea of the game. Thank you for creating an endearing environment that provides us with some much needed respite. :merry:


I have to second that comment @Logo the devs of this game continue to amaze me with their commitment of excellence.


Thank so much for the kind words! So glad @Allie’s new icons are working for you :slight_smile:


I love the new icons and UI, too! :merry: Thanks @Allie and everyone.