A23r766 Love new unit frame

I am in love with the design of the new, little unit frame in the bottom corner.

  1. Do you think more of the UI will be updated to reflect the design in the new fancy unit frame?
  2. Will this change the need for a popup tooltip in the middle of the screen? (I just really love the new one in the bottom left corner)

Thank you everyone. Keep up the great work!


We’re glad you like it! @Sweet and @morgan10e put a lot of work into it!


Agreed, when i logged into the new 23.5 i was surprised to see everything had a more RPG type feel to it. Loved it and cant wait to see more. (maybe more hearthlings and armies of enemies next)


Thank you! It was a small labor of love on our parts. Hopefully we can bring more of that to the rest of the UI.


@Sweet Seeing the new frames gave me an idea.

Maybe you can use them to help create another idea of advancement? Like when you reach city tier 2 you get a fancier (or have a simpler one for level 1) frame for your units. That’ll create a new consistent thing that’s more than new music.

Edit: Not that the music is bad. It’ll just be another facet, a new visual with which to say “ooo I’m advancing”


I love the formatting and the layout of the new design, but I don’t know how I feel about the rounded corners though! Why is it no longer square? :frowning:


@Sweet, @max99x, also, I LOVE the minor tweaks you guys made on promotion! The alert window that tells you about new perks is different somehow and it’s so much more satisfying now!


I love the design of it, but the fact it’s seperate from the other border UI elements, and has a little gap there as well, drives me mad. It’s wasted space!

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Same here!

I have a goal to change the rest of the UI so although it stands out now, it may not in the future.


I’ve actually really warmed up to the design change. The tiny gap/waste of space still irks me thought :slight_smile:

Are we going to see the UI appearance upgrade as the player upgrades their town status? Always loved building games that did little details like that (Age of Empires did IIRC)

The gap just looks bad because we still have that bottom bar. I would prefer removing that bar, or restricting it to hold the buttons only. Clean ui and more game view