Its a start but am try to make new armor and items


just finished the body and now am going to be making armor types XD i didnt some fixes to the model it self too XD


im not 100% sure what progression im looking at there… but i do know i need another shower… :panda_face:


just made a inner skin so i can now make armor on a skin frame

this took like about a hour but, it will save alot of time when i create dif types of armor


small quick idea


are you making this in unity, custom build tool you are using? I would be interested in finding out :smile:


am just using the free one they give atm but, to even add stuff to the game i think u need to buy the program. and i think another program to actually add the animation. not to sure if u can do it with qubicle cont. but if u can i think some one is making videos on how to do so but am waiting for the next finishing part of his video to actually work on anything animated.


basic edition

u can also download the color maps for free too

and the 10day free trail one is only something that makes 3d models look cubic, to me that takes the fun out of it


radiant is using qubicle constructor is used to build the models, animals, basically all the content in the game, while 3DSMax is used for animation (of an exported qubicle model)…

there are other alternatives to both packages though (blender for animation, for example)… hope that helps!


PLEASE close the gap between the thumb-slab and the other-fingers-slab. He looks like a crab right now.

Other than that, pretty good job.


haha @ManOfRet I read that and changed batman to crabman, duna duna duna duna CRABMAN!!! haha, @Deathscythe they look really good, but yeah id close that gap if for anything the big blocky hand that radiant use has been much easier to animate (in my opinion) and stick a censored sticker over the nake guys smooth area before @Geoffers747 spots it and gets over excited (worse than SteveAdamo did) :smiling_imp:


its kinda sad really how he thinks its crab hands when its really just up close, once u zoom out to stonehearths settings the hands look good, if anything u should try and look at some of there art before judging other peoples work.

also its not even animated some one said to put spacing for fingers, that would make it like i was missing fingers
if u look closer u can see them.

anyway ill keep my focus up and try not to bother with comments that revolve around trolling

my next project am thinking about is water and how i would like to see it work


@Deathscythe I didn’t see anyone “trolling” in this forum yet (hope that stays like this in the future). If you try to copy the model which is used by Stonehearth at the moment (subject to change) there are some details which you might want consider to alter… and one is the hand, which Radiant designs with one additional finger and where the thumb has no gap between the other fingers. If you do not try to get as close as possible to the standard model, you are perfectly fine with your own design. Just keep in mind that if you post your art here, people can think that you want to hear comments.


i kinda want to no what the devs are using, plus am kinda new so i didnt no there was a template am pretty sure one of there vids metioned that they didnt give any out so not to sure.

am still wondering tho how, modders will be able to add there stuff to the game, will there be a program that the dev make so its simple or will it be on dif level where the mods have to be aproved and then developed into the game.

its only a few hours working on some of this stuff, totaly noob at it but ill try to figure things out one way or the other.


@voxel_pirate ah yeah i seen some models with the closer thumb but, only really seen it on the dwarf

people are just thinking way to much about how real it should be, and should focus on how fun it could be/ take minecraft totally no hands in that game yet people love it.

i want people to focus on how the game can be great not how cheese it looks, but there are some people that over think some ideas.

to me stonehearth should be hard in game play/rpg but easy in building and jobs shouldnt be to complex as well as there tools. like some one had a windmil simular to salem but that shouldnt be the case in stonehearth it should be simple and fun. the game should feel like exploring and building a new world instead of focuing on how this should look or that. should be details but simple.

anyway ill be working on somthing to see if the devs might add something like this to there game.


There are no official templates available. However, there are quite some people interested in creating their own design. One or the other has copied already the standard worker as seen in different videos and here and there you will find a qmo-file for download (e.g. here my interpretation).

Regarding mods, you will not need to get them “approved”. Radiant is planning to offer some kind of repository where mods can be stored and found. I could imagine that there will be some rules ralated to this official archive, e.g. that offensive mods will be not allowed. However, nobody says that you have to store your mod there, so this is far away from an approval of every single mod. The devs also do plan to make the implementation of mods as simple as possible. They plan to provide tools, so that modders do not need to handle every single bits and pieces of coding. How far this will go… let’s see. I would expect that you will need to add some code her and there and create different files. This video gives the best insights we have into modding.


the process will be as painless as possible, as mods are integral to the game… for a recent update on the “anatomy of a mod”, take a look at this blog post…