It's a pretty hard task to sustain a forest

I had a rough start in my first town… I had no idea what I was doing, just enjoying the atmosphere of a new game, and about when I started to expand the buildings in my settlement, I started to run out of trees.

I discovered that farmers can grow tree saplings so I made 3 plots of oak saplings and began to replant my nearby forest… little did I know that these oak trees have 3 growth stages, and by the time I realized my mistake i had made a super-dense forest that was nigh impenetrable (and incredibly hard to cut down without making an even worse problem).

You want to cut them down without dropping all the wood (and even cut it faster), you can in the harvest menu choosing the destroy option (I think it is the second button from right to left). Drag an area with that, and everything inside it will be destroyed in a single hit, not dropping resources.

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Aw but such a waste all for the sake of human (or should I say hearthling?) comfort. I think the gaurdians of the forest would be even angrier with me should I stoop to such an act…

…but that’s a good tip, thanks. I’ll keep it in mind for when I need to clear something (probably that forest or part of my wall).