Items in trapping grounds able to be used by crafters?

The issues is that it looks like the items that the trapper loots from the hunting grounds are of the lowest priority, so they get picked up very rarely. (I have a ton of berry bushes and other wild plants set to auto harvest.)

That wouldn’t be so bad, except that craftsmen wont go grab the items to make stuff with.

The mason, carpenter and weaver will go grab stone and wood and silkweed without it being in any type of storage or storage zone and workers do the same when building.

How can I make my craftsmen grab items directly from the hunting grounds?

Input bins have a higher-than-default hauling priority – i.e. haulers will fill input bins before they take other items to regular storage.

Creating a couple of input bins for the relevant materials should mean that your crafters have a continuous supply for their work, and haulers will keep it topped off before they try to haul excess items into more general storage like crates or chests.

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