They don't collecting meet

I don’t know what’s going on, but my citizent don’t harvest meat from trapping ground. There is mass. No matter what I do, I don’t collect it. Please help.

There are a few things that can happen to cause this situation. The first option is that you might not have any containers/stockpiles accepting raw meat, or they might be full (it’s easy to do by accident!)

The alternative is that it’s not a single problem but a tangled mess of small problems. Basically, the meat is a low-priority item to move, and the hearthlings always find more important jobs; sometimes it’s compounded if your computer is struggling to process all the jobs (i.e. ‘lagging’) and all the meat is too difficult for the computer to figure out how to get it to town because its brain is already full.

The good news: the solution is still simple either way :merry: Just build some crates or chests right next to the trapping ground, and then use some “input” containers (input bins, shelves, etc.) set to either “all meat” or specific jerky types (note: if you go with specific jerky then you’ll need an input bin/shelf for each type, since the trapper creates all types…) to get the meat moved to the kitchen. The “input” containers have the highest priority, so they’ll get filled up before anything else. Meanwhile, the crates being close to the trapper grounds makes those jobs easier, so the hearthlings can get them done faster and thus save your computer’s memory a little.

You may want to turn your trapper’s job off for a while since clearly you have meat right now hahah! That way, you can clean up the mess a little before you start making more – that makes it easier for hearthlings to put the new trapper-dropped items away before they pile up too much again :merry:

Good luck! And by the way, welcome to the community :jubilant:

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