[Res] Workers pick up items that are for workbenches

Summary: When the weaver work bench is placed, the weaver puts down one fiber, but then when he goes to get the wood to complete it, a worker takes away the fiber.

Expected results:

  1. Weaver places fiber
  2. Weaver places wood
  3. Weaver hammers work bench into place

Actual results:

  1. Weaver places fiber
  2. Worker comes and takes fiber away (back to the stockpile)
  3. Weaver places wood
  4. Weaver hammers work bench into place

Steps to reproduce: Not sure; it seems to happen pretty much all the time to me

Notes: Sometimes it is even the weaver that takes the first thing placed back to the stockpile.


Does anyone else hear the Benny Hill theme when they picture this bug?


I didn’t, but thanks. Now I do.

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See this also happening. It does not influence the workbench to be build but the required resource which goes back to the stockpile is not consumed.


I think a simple fix for this could even be supplied as mod, where items get a “purpose tag”. I’m not sure if the stockpile-to-stockpile bug is still around, but it could fix that one too.

The basic idea would be that each item has a tag attached that defines its current purpose (and what it may do); items that are used by crafters get the “crafting ingredient” tag, stockpiled items get the “stockpiled” tag and other items have no tag (or maybe a “free for all” one). Workers then will only move things to stockpiles that have the free-for-all tag and leave other items alone.

Of course, that tag needs to be adjusted properly whenever an item is picked up (and, more importantly, dropped - for example, because the worker went to bed). I’m not sure what actually happens when a crafter gets an item from the stockpile, falls asleep and wakes up again - is it going to take any item or does he prefer the dropped one? Is that even handled?


I agree with @RepeatPan. It seems to be a similar issue to this one as well.

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I’ve seen this happen too. In fact, you can see the fiber falling down through the workbench, that’s why it’s picked again.

(Anyone else has seen the spools falling when the weaver is piling them to craft something? I mean, it’s like they go beyond the ground and fall to the abyss, which reminds me of the invisible items bug, and I wonder if it could be that the items fall or are rendered in another Y-coordinate which we can’t see).

In my test, the weaver restocked the fiber himself before completing the workbench. Funny stuff. Fixed for the next release. Thanks guys!