[Con] [R118] Weaver clipping into workbench

Summary: The weaver does not appear to clip when selection items from a stockpile further away. however when her stockpile is used, which is in this case was right next to her workbench, she proceeded to pick up thread in order to make cloth and clip into the workbench,

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a normal stockpile.
2) Create a Weaver and place the stockpile next to it.
3) Create thread,
4) Create cloth.

Expected Results: Weaver would stand at the side of the workbench to produce goods.

Actual Results: Weaver clips into the middle of the workbench.


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Maybe she’s a cyborg. . .

I haven’t seen this bug before. Quite interesting.

is this the only object you’ve seen units clip through?

So far … Will be keeping a more vigilant eye on things with coming play through.

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I’ve noticed this as well. Animals also like to clip with traps a bit.

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excellent, thanks!

good enough for me… [tagged]

What I’ve seen is that the weaver sometimes faced one side of his/her workbench and other times other. I’ve never seen him/her clipping at the middle, though. :confused: