Picking up items is no one's priority/job

I’ve had 3 Mason Workbenches waiting to be picked up by ANYONE for more than an in-game day (after the Goblins would not accept them as extortion payment), with no other tasks at all besides picking up wood from chopped trees to do.

When I attempt to make someone move the Mason Workbenches, they will pick them up and then throw them on the ground. No one will return them to inventory. (The same is true of all 4 Mason Workbenches I currently possess-- the 1 used by my Carpenter, and the 3 extras that were supposed to be the extortion payment.)

SHIFT+L (Loot) has the same effect-- no one will return the MWs to inventory.

This game could definitely use a console command to satisfy the extortionist.


Oooh. I see. Very few of the workbenches have a tag element, so they cannot be placed into any category. Looks like something that they overlooked when moving to the new crafting paradigm. Calling @sdee , @Albert , @yshan for the easy fix…

Workbenches without a tag:

  • Blacksmith Workbench
  • Carpenter Toolbench
  • Carpenter Workbench
  • Cook Mill
  • Cook Oven
  • Cook Workbench
  • Mason Pedestal
  • Mason Workbench
  • Weaver Workbench

Workbenches with tags:

  • Blacksmith Forge
  • Weaver Spinning Wheel

On a related note, neither will anyone pick up (not even to immediately drop) the Cobblestone fence that I’ve attempted to fence in my pastures with.

thanks for the legwork @Tuhalu … very helpful indeed! :smile: :+1:

Yeah… I didn’t do anything. -.-

my deepest apologies on not properly thanking you as well… here, have a :cookie::smile:

Thanks Tuhalu, that was very helpful! Fixed for the next build.

[Technical note for modders]
For future reference, it is the existence of the ‘item’ component on the iconic version of the entity that determines if something can be placed in storage. The tags in the ‘stoneheath:material’ component determine which filters of the stockpile will accept the entity.

Maybe there’s a better way to do this, but this is currently how it works.


Interesting. Actually, I’ve never considered what the item component might actually do until now. I suppose the “category” also defines how the game should use it to some extent?

Tags are used by the filters too?? Great news, now odd thing happening in stockpiles may have an explanation!

Will there be make an editable priorities list in which you can specify which raw materials / products are carried away fast or slow?
For example, as transporting wood which is always there first.

The ‘category’ field on the item component is used, but not by restocking. I find that a bit confusing, but that’s how it is currently.