R256 Mason Workbench consumed by road workers

I tasked the movement of my masons workbench when lunch hit. They dropped the bench and went to eat, when they finished they picked the bench up and used it to pave the nearby road. Now every mason I create has a bugged workbench.

Similar situation in a new game involved moving the bench, having it dropped on the ground and picked up like lewt then placed in the workers pocket; however they never can put it down.

I found that if I leave the bugged mason and promote a new town member it will allow them to build a new workbench, yet only if the bugged station holders are still on that job.

Illian Amerond
ID: c15fd1ec-de56-11e4-a32f-c86000a3795e

do you have any steps to reproduce this? I’ll see if I get the same issue.
IF so we can look for a work-around or just gather enough extra info for TR to make it easier for them to look for a fix :smile:


Currently I found this to work only in conjunction with meal times.
steps are fairly simple and more anecdotal than easy to do:
Just before mealtime have a worker move the workbench
If the worker enters in to mealtime mode it will drop all current work and go eat
then workers returning to work that have stone production work will pick up workbench and use it to complete work
else if object is targeted by “take other lewt” option
then object is picked up and put into workers inventory and never removed, stashed and/or recoverable.

I spent some time discovering that if any workbench is placed into a workers lewt inventory it will become unrecoverable. I did this by forcing the item to drop as a collectable object that is not placed. Using the auto drop all work feature of the lunch time mode, any workbenches dropped in this manner can be selected with the pick up lewt option. If this happens then the object is placed in the workers inventory and has no options for recovery.