Stone Mason refuses to claim workbench


My stone mason refuses to claim a work bench. I have tried assigning new jobs, assigning new stone masons, placing new work benches, etc. Right now I have 5 see through work benches on my map, but nobody goes to claim them.

Since I am a new member on this forum, i cant seem to post a picture/screen shot yet.

I really like this game, so I want to see things like this get worked on. Is there any other info I can provide that would be helpful? (I am an early access noob!)



Do you have stone in your inventory or lying around ? I believe the stone mason workbench requires 1 stone to build.

Yes plenty of stone lying around, and a stockpile.

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feel free to toss an image up to and one of the moderators can get it embedded for you… :+1:


Thanks for the suggestion.

Is there a way to access / copy the error messages as well. I cant seem to do much with that little error window

Usually a screenshot is enough for them to go by. When it isn’t, your stonehearth.log comes into play. It is replaced the moment you load the game client again, but until then it will have a copy of any error reports in it (along with many other loggable incidents).

I’m having the same issue with the latest build on steam, but with my smith. I have two constructed stations and a phantom one. Neither of the station will deconstruct. I reassigned the smith to be a trapper and things got very weird. He still has a smith station accessible from his character screen, but a lua error pops up when I access it.

I’ll edit and share the image when my account is old enough.

If you link the image now, one of the mods can come around later and embed it for you.
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I can confirm this ( look at the bench next to the one that is created)
one way to repro(there are multiple other ways because the worker ai will break when claiming them sometimes):
1)create say a mason like above
2) click the place crafting station button.
3) place it down, but do it right before she gets hungry
4) right before she gets the stone for it she will get hungry and go for food instead
5)at this point click on her again and put down another crafting station
6) if it worked there will be multiple crafting stations(ghost unclaimed ones)
P.S. this doesn’t work 100% so you kinda have to be lucky on this

its right next to the other mason table :smiley:

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Awesome. Thanks for confirming! Glad to hear someone else could duplicate this.

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