Bug: Mason stoppt working at the workbench

**Summary: Mason stoppt working at the workbench **

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Try to making any Mason Item.
  2. Changing the Person with the Job “Mason”.
  3. Changing the Position of the Workbench.

    Expected Results: Creating the Items.

Actual Results: The Person does not work at all.

Notes: Tryed a lot, there where no Error that Occured and I dident even switched out of the Game. (Sorry for my horrible English.)

Attachments: None, please tell me which Data you need. (Screenshots/Savegames etc.)

Version Number and Mods in use: Latest Build Alpha 18

System Information: Windows 7 (64x)

You have stone in your inventory right?

Yepp, a lot. :slight_smile:
Got also assured that the worker isent blocked and tryed several times to remove the Workbench.


maybe upload your save so other people can take a look :smiley:

Update: After several relouds it works again. :slight_smile:

For the Future, I love this game and I would like to help if I can:
How can I upload the whole save? :disappointed_relieved:
There are four files and I dont know wich?

in your save games folder there should be a folder for each game named a really big number. All you have to do is upload the whole folder.
Other people will then download the folder and drop it into there saved games and then they can play your save.

If discourse says the save is too big, just zip it up and it should be fine :slight_smile:

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