Item placement needs to be improved

Example: I have a stockpile of fences. Clear on the other side of camp (couple of screens away) I want to put down a long line of fences, but must manually pan the screen back and forth (from stockpile to fence row) dozens of time to get a fence line laid down. Way too tedious. I just gave up.

Solution would be to let you repeatedly use the ghost image of the fence to continually lay fence down until you’re out of stock. Then, let the townfolk lay the actual fences. This can be applied to everything from chairs to beds to tables, etc.

You can actually already do exactly this! Go to the build & design tab, then select the place an item option. Select one of the items in your various stockpiles (it conveniently lists how many you currently have), then place to your heart’s content.

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^ This! Makes life much easier!

Wow, why wouldn’t this be the default? Crazy. Thanks, I’ll give it a go.

Because if you select the item, you’re placing this entity, not this entity’s type. With the other tool, you’re merely ordering one of said entity types to be placed.


Yes, and…

In Cid’s name, what have those circular avatars done to you! Ewww! I’m so sorry.

What was I about to say, again?