Place Items Prior to Being Made

Hi TR,

I would love the option to place ghosted versions of items that are either queued up waiting to be made, or actively being made.

While I would love this option for a wide array of items, by far my biggest gripe right now is specifically the workbenches themselves.

On many occasions I fire off a bunch of workbench creation requests within a relatively short span of time and while they’re being made I get side-tracked on other stuff. When I come back to them, I want to just start using them to build their dependent items. When I still can’t make those dependent items, I will either forget I’ve built the workbench the first time and waste resources building another one, or get frustrated, go look for it using the Place Item tool, place it and then finally start building items from it.

Being able to at least place workbenches at request time would streamline the crafting process for me considerably, and make it feel smoother and less confusing at times.

I hope you’ll consider including this functionality in a future release.

Edit: Added reference to the Place Item tool for further clarity.


Hey, megashub. I don’t know if you know about this, but there is a popup menu you can use (with a shortcut key of ‘p’) that brings up a list of all furniture in your stockpiles. (That way, you don’t have to go looking through your piles to find it).

That being said, I like this suggestion. I think it would be awesome if placing a ghost item causes the item to appear in a crafter’s queue (if it isn’t there already)! It would also be cool if you could place these in buildings while you’re designing them (so if you want the carpenter to have a little workshop, you can design one just for him!).

What happens also is if they put them into containers, then I have to make ALL my containers no longer accept say, furniture or tools, so it’s forced into the stockpile, THEN hope the AI will empty it out into a timely manner so that I can start making swords.

I think this is a question…? In any case, the Place Item tool in the Build and Design menu shows all items in storage, not just stockpiles. It is the only way (that I know of) to place an item that is in a container without resorting to adjusting filters.


About twenty hours and so many bug-out crashes could have been saved there for me… :stuck_out_tongue: @jomaxro

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