Items Needed: The Better Item Placement

Currently the way item placement works is as follows.

  1. Build 1 Picket Fence
  2. Picket Fence shows up in Items and can be placed anywhere.
  3. Place Picket Fence blueprint (ghost) model.
  4. Picket Fence replaces blueprint (ghost) model.

Now there isn’t anything wrong with this, but I’d like to make a suggestion.

The new way to use blueprints would be as follows.

  1. Place Picket Fence blueprint (ghost) model
  2. Create Picket Fence model
  3. Picket Fence is placed

This way we can place blueprints where ever we want instead of having to have the item created. This will allow us to exeriment with item placement and would also give us a counter to how many of the items we need to create for the blueprints to be completed.


Good idea, maybe you could add it in as a mod then later perhaps have it implimented officially?