Is modding contents about the Orcs allowed?

I was checking out the Stonehearth.smod for the reference, and I found out that Ogo is actually a Goblin, not an Orc.

At first I thought that Ogo is an Orc, and the Orc campaign already existed. However, it seems that Ogo is an Orc and if I add a campaign about the Orcs, It would be inappropriate.

So… Is modding contents about the Orcs allowed? Or should I mod something else for extending enemies?

(By the way… Is Ogo really a Goblin or an Orc Leading the Goblins? I need infos…)

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Ogo is a goblin boss. Orcs are already present in the game. (Mountain is an ogre).
They come later, after the Ogo encounter, along with kobolds (they have different model for females and males).

If I’m not mistaken, orcs are on a higher level than goblins in Stonehearth, and are supposed to be smarter.

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If so… then I actually might have to wait for the full addition of the orcs. … and actually play the game more instead of keep making the mod.

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Orcs are in the game, fully function with campaigns and all that. Look at the files. They look almost exactly like a goblin, except they have a big lower lip with teeth pointing up.
There is the goblin campaign, once defeated, you activate the orc campaign. In this there is a mixtures of races, goblins, orcs, kobolds and ogres, all together. Orcs have rules like footman or clerics, ogres are their knights and kobold are archers.

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Goblins, Orcs, Kobolts and Orgs are all in one big ‘Orc’ group, they kinda serve as a alliance in my eyes, Goblins usually being more of a work-force, Kobotls being commanders, Orcs being warriors and professions, and Orgs kinda being… Well, tanks?

Anyways, they’re all a good ol’ family!

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seeing as everyone else already covered who/what ogo is, i guess i’ll see about answering the other part of the question,

my first thought was yes, since the orcs are already in-game so aren’t really a dormant feature, but at the same time, you could say no because they’re not fully implemented yet and could be considered somewhat dormant so adding to them could be crossing the modding rules… i think this is kind of a grey area in modding,

perhaps @brad could help out answering? (hope you don’t mind me pulling you into this!)


Goblins and Orcs are nothing secret! Though there’s more to come in the ongoing Ogo and beyond saga, there’s no problem incorporating them into any mods you want to create.