Orcs, Ogres, Goblins and Kobolds

Yesterday I watched the new development stream, dedicated to The Red Kiln. To me, the way different races blend into one army or pact feels a little bit off. Especially the Kobolds seem so different, it looks weird seeing them fight side by side with all kind of other races. I like how Ogres are sometimes paired with wolves, and maybe Orcs with Ogres (like how the animal-like trolls are utilized by orcs in The Lord of the Rings), but that’s about it. They seem to be paired just because they have different professions, like Kobold archers and orc clerics etc.

(I think) it would be more ‘believable’ by keeping the different races more separated.

In example:
The Kobold archers could be a race which kind lives in forests, with treehouses maybe. Their army is characterized by fast but squishy archers. At the moment they are paired with footman of other races, but why can’t they have their own more squishy-but-fast footmen? They are all light and can therefor easily scale walls, by ropes or climbing.

The Orcs on the other hand are much more a organized army, living in fortresses. They don’t have fast and squishy soldiers, but their are well-armed. They don’t have the classic long-ranged archers, but they do have armor-piercing crossbows. They can’t easily scale walls, but they breach walls and gates.

And: While the kobolds are more of a constant threat, attacking more often in smaller armies but also ambushing in the forest, the orcs attack in larger armies, but only once every week or so

I think this makes combat and the story more interesting and believable, more interesting than randomly merging different races into small armies.

I wrote it a little bit fast, but I hope the point I tried to make is clear. I really enjoy the game, and love to see how fast it develops. Thanks for all the hard work Team Radiant.


They are there. They work and flesh out the world. Leave it at that.
All orc and kobolds are not the same. Creating extra work without benefit is not something I would like them to focus on.

I know the developers have talked about addition campaigns once the game gets closer to release. This along with the fact that campaigns can be modded lets me know there is still much more to come. Right now the Devs are working on getting the core components and feature up and running. Once the majority of that is out of the way you should see more storyline development :smile:.

( notice: the following is a wish list and in no way obligates anyone to provide it**)**

Right now there is a jumble of races that are banded to together to squish us. Down the road I am looking forward to things like the goblin shaman, the Ogre King, Dragons, hordes of slime dwellers, rabid rabbits and a cow onslaught mission


Ah okay I see, but I thought it would actually benefit the game, also in terms of diversity of combat/campaigns/diplomacy/etc. I thought it would flesh out the world a lot more :wink:

If you want the true sense of Kobolds. Is that they are the slaves of Orcs and Dragons. just as Goblins tend to be the fillers of the Orc armies. And the Orcs lead them all. The Ogre tend to be the beef of the armies. A lot of this comes from Tolken’s books, but also expanded from DnD. Kobold originated from DnD (in 1974) and folk lore, (the Folk Lore of Kobold are they are sprites: The kobold (occasionally cobold) is a sprite stemming from Germanic mythology). But DnD used them to be related to Dragons and slaves to Orcs and Dragons.

Now on to Stonehearths Version. it seem they took some of that and ran with it making them apart of the Orc line along with trolls, Ogres, and goblins. Making then not stupid and the range class of their army. Also looking at Stonehearth, they seem to be of different tribes working together as a Clan (aka Alliance).

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Ah so they are actually really close related to each other? Didn’t knew that, thanks! Besides that, it also makes sense that Radiant puts the most effort in the core components and features. (btw, love your trading village :wink: )