Is it possible to make quests yet?

title says it all :slight_smile: is it possible to make quests in SH yet? if so could someone show me how to do so? :smiley:


User generated Quests would be awesome, we could all play each others campaigns

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Wouldn’t it be great! and i feel like theres a lot of stories to be told in this universe

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It is possible!

My Mod the TMC(the mythical creatures) though currently dormant in development, actually has some quest in it!

I doubt they work now since they are likely obsolete, but i can say with confidence that it is indeed possible!
(Please don’t ask me on coding, i’m not the onthat codes for the mod)


It’s absolutely possible to add your own campaigns to the game. :smiley:

But it takes a little while to explain how to do it :sweat_smile:

You could say that the goblin request is a quest, in fact :slight_smile:

There were some Twitch streams that explained the campaign system, but unfortunately they have been deleted :cry:

Anyway, you can take a look at the campaign files. They are under stonehearth/data/gm directory.


deleted! that’s too bad! would love a thread on this matter made by the devs of the game

While both were created for an older alpha (and thus don’t run in the latest build), you can get some great info from Frostfeast and Candledark on how quests work. I believe that @Froggy’s Cafe Mod works in the latest build, and it has a quest (the queen bee) that might be helpful as well.


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