Is crafting multiple items in one recipe possible?

For instance, I wanna craft 10~100 bullets from 1 plastic bar.

Is it possible to make such recipes? Or do I need to change the whole crafting coding? (Well, to be honest, I’d rather give up… I mean it’s not really worth it…)

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I think it’s possible. I found a sample code on this thread that does that. On the recipe file, you can specify several items like this:

"produces": [

I don’t know if this still works with the current alpha, but you can give it a try :slight_smile:


Ok, I shall try it later on. Thanks for sharing.

I can confirm it does still work as Relyss showed, and though her example implies different items, you can have a recipe that produces multiple of the same item as well. You just have to list them separately in an array like that (last I checked, trying to add a “count” attribute doesn’t work like it does in ingredients).


Awesome! Thanks for the info.