Invisible Fine Bed After Placement

This is about multiple things, and wasn’t sure if constitutes going into the Building Thread Mark 2 or not.

If this was a regular pic, you probably would not even notice anything wrong. Despite the awkward angle, as I had to really get that one with a bit of keen movement, there is suppose to be a “Fine Comfy Bed” in that right corner. Even during placement the ghost image was invisible. When the person placed it my inventory count went down, as I had 2, and this is what you see in where I did place it.

Next is the Engine Errors I been getting upon load.

Every time I load I get this, and have been since A17 (3010) after command consoling quite a bit of scaffolding on the 1st house I submitted to the Build Thread 2. “wooden bunkhouse porch-l f” was the first house. It had scaffolding problems, and I got rid of all the scaffolding I could see using the partial view mode and regular. Basically using the destroy command lots. This was in the current A17 (3013) build of the game, as they didn’t want to take down the old scaffolding from the prior version, but managed to take down what ladders I didn’t destroy after a few reloads.

Next would be this:

The only ladder 1x1 that I could not get them to take down even with placing ladders to help. They managed to take down all the scaffolding and the rest; in some areas I had to help them. The long ladder in the pic is something I put there to see if it would help them take it down.

This is an even more complex house than the last I submitted. 2 stories with custom roof and indoor switchback stairs. One thing to note is they used excessive and sometimes not necessary scaffolding throughout the process of building. Doubling up in a few areas around the main house. The scaffolding in the area the ladder is depicted in has a cross-hatch pattern to it, but that is probably due to what & how I built that section of the place.
Steps to reproduce:
Not sure how to reproduce, but have a save in which I already placed along with a log.
Expected Results:
To see Ghost placement & After placement of Fine Comfy Bed.
Actual Results:
Invisible or not apparently seen in both cases.

  1. Initial Engine Errors
  2. Invisible Ghost Image & After Placement of Fine Comfy Bed.
  3. Excessive & sometimes unreasonable Scaffolding, as well odd placement in some cases.
  4. Unreachable Last piece of Scaffolding take-down.

wood carpenter’s house (27.6 KB)
The house in the pics. (7.3 MB)
Save File.
stonehearth.log (1.2 MB)
Log file of the Session.

Other Notes:
The Error and Invisible Bed will be noticeable upon load, or in the case of the bed, non-existent visually. I have already loaded up that particular save to make sure on that. Again I have been getting those 2 same engine errors upon load after destroying scaffolding in A17 (3010), and still persists through to the current.

Anything else, just ask, and I’ll do my best to see if I can answer or retrieve. I don’t think I have a save before placement, and only after placement. The last save I have is before I even built the building in the first place. That much I do know. I hope this helps, as I tried to get as much together as possible. :slight_smile:

Version Number and Mods in use:
A17 (3013)
no mods.

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