[NaB] Floating Bed problem

Somehow a bed got placed atop another bed. I managed to get the villagers to move the lower bed, but they ignore the higher bed. I’ve tried having them move it, having them undeploy it, but the floating bed stays where it is.

I’m guessing the problem is related to the floating table problem that cropped up in Alpha 4, but I see no solution for it. So far I’m just building more houses with more beds in them to get around the floater issue, but it is annoying.

Sometimes you have to build your own ladder so your guys can pathfind to it and remove it.

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I put in a ladder and the bed was undeployed. Now I can’t figure out how to remove the ladder with the bed gone. :smile:

Never mind. I found by clicking on the ladder itself, there’s a remove button. :smile:


hey there @wog_gie… did the ladders help resolve your stacking dilemma?

Yes, the ladders fixed it. You can close this thread (or tell me how I can do it).

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