[Con] Alpha 8: Bed off ground

So i accidentally built a bed off ground level, and now my workers aren’t moving it or undeploying it

I would like to upload an image bu somehow i can’t

Steps to reproduce: Place bed in house, off ground level

ID: f7d8665c-3fe7-11e4-995b-00ff78c95683

PS. In the future could u guys allow us to select and copy the ID from the game?

build a ladder up to it and it should be undeployed, not 100% certain though.

Or just Call pest control. sorry couldn’t help myself


There is the transparent ladder attached to the bed, but noone is building it, ill try build a manual one though

yes you would have to manually build one.

I had some issue with this, as well. I placed a bed too close to another one, forcing it up into the air. Hopefully it gets resolved with more collision detection/prevention programming in the future.

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I tried building a manual one but nothing happens and I built like 4 in different spots, still none touches the bed

well then that passes my knowledge of fixing it :stuck_out_tongue:

In the mean time, select bed, hit ’ ~ ’ on the keyboard, type destroy, then hit enter and problem is solved.
’ ~ ’ again to close console.


i totally forgot about about that, i was trying to think of ways to save the bed, but totally destroying it works too :smile:

bah! all this time? where have you been, oh lovely console! :smile:

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Thanks guys! i never knew about the destroy function XD

Are there any other commands which would come in handy??