R162, Trapped new citizens, metaphysical beds

New citizen showed up on a higher elevation plane, was stuck offscreen until I found him and built a ladder.

When upgrading a bed, my carpenter thoughtfully went and got an existing mean bed. However the old mean bed still exists in the placement view, preventing me from placing the new bed where the old one was. Actually I can’t place anything where the ghost of the old bed still lies.

Side note: when resources are left on top of completed buildings, the workers will gather them if a ladder is rebuilt to the roof level.

I can confirm this. It has happened to me as well.

I also have had a mean bed disappear after I undeployed it. When you undeploy a bed in the shared housing, the bed in placement view never disappears and you can’t place another one. This also happens for chairs in a dining hall.

I have also had two people come join my town, that were on another level. I had to send another person from the village to build them a ladder.

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