when i pick up beds to upgrade them, the ghost stays on the ground and will not alow me to place a new bed in the old ones spot.

i have been having a somewhat similar problem with beds. i go to place a mean bed and the ghost gets put down, but no one ever places the bed, and the ghost doesn’t disappear when i leave build mode. i can move the ghost of the bed, but still no one will place it.

I’m am having the same problem, the old ghost are in my way

There are two ways that I’ve always gotten past this problem…

1- If you are building a shared sleeping quarters or something from a template, use the erase tool from the custom builder menu and remove the bed(s), then build the structure.


2- Shift the new bed one voxel in any direction from the old bed. this usually works and gets rid of the first ghost (at least it does for me).