Bed that stacks

the extra beds goes over the beds inside of the shared sleeping quarter and if i remove em its goes back

is there any ways to fix that cause i cant make the comfy beds?

can you clarify? I don’t quite get the problem.

Do you mean:
A. overlapping beds (separate beds/ghosts which are not suppose to occupy the same spot occupying the same spot)
B. something related to a bed being physically above another bed?

and the problem:

  1. not being able to remove a placed furniture or
  2. not being able to remove a ghost furniture (because you can’t place it in the first place).

if the situation is B, and the problem is 2,
i.e. not being able to remove a ghost bed which appeared above an actual bed.
Can try this:

  • first, build a ladder to the ghost bed, so that it can be placed (wait for it to be placed)
  • uninstall the bed (wait for it to be removed)
  • remove the ladder.

dunno if this can help (if I guessed your problem correctly that is). good luck.

the bed does this and the only way to remove it is to move the bed under it but i cnat remove it or they will put it back so i can’t make comfy bed

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See if this works:

Try moving the bed at the side away first after it is placed(the one that is not placed yet)
Then build a ladder touching the side of the top bed.
then, give order to move the top bed somewhere. (somehow, “remove” furniture have very low priority, so use “move” instead)

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@giddypaper92, did @sphr suggestion work?

Only works for sure when there are no more beds in the inventory. Otherwise, there is a chance another bed gets placed at the target location :wink:

Well, in current A18 if the bed is destroyed it will be replaced automatically by a hearthling when there’s another one in the inventory. But if the bed is undeployed, it shouldn’t be marked for replacement.

The bug was reported for a A17 version, so I’m not sure if @giddypaper92 is still playing that save and has tried the workaround or not. :confused:

Can someone please upload a save where the beds get placed after undeploying? I can’t get it to reproduce on my end.